Thursday, February 28, 2013

Catching Up

The last week or so I have been worried that I was falling behind in my process. Problems with 3d modeling had caused a big hiccup, which pushed everything regarding the production process back about a week. I am slowly getting more organized in how to tackle the final stretch of this process and if I follow my timeline to the T, I'll be in good shape.
I have also mapped out the sizes of material I am going to need for the final mold routing for which I am using delrin plastic. I chose this material for my mold because the plastic mold I used in the trial run worked nicely and it wont burn a big hole in my pocket.

Also on my mind has been the different ways I want to present my project. After getting some feedback at my last class review, it was plain to see that some sort of "feature product" store display would be the best way to highlight the tools. These are some of the layouts I have looked at thus far to get my head going on a layout:

While I still need to determine the exact layout of the pieces, logos, size of the display, and other aspects of the design-at least now I have a start on what I am aiming for .

Since I am all over the board lately, I have also been working on my thesis paper. I took some time to order a book called EcoDesign: The Sourcebook that should be waiting for me at my apartment when I get home tonight-which I am really excited for and I read a number of excerpts from World Changing: A User's Guide to the 21st Century which provided with insight and about 6 full pages of usable quotes for my final paper. Both good things, which is nice in contrast to the feeling behindness that has been going on.

So you can get a look at the progress of my models with the more primal mold I creating a month or so ago, here are the model is order of first to the most successful and sanded last model-all of which are placed in reference to the final grey painted model that I made by hand to base my final 3d modeling off of.

As you can see best in this last picture, I am including a slight curve in this model so it functions better as a fork when not in use as a roasting attachment. This curve is a lot more severe then I would like because I still want all 3 piece to have a form language that brings them all together. Thus, the curve may not make it to the final forms but for now it is on my mind.

It is also obvious through these photos that my knowledge of the material is growing as I learn how to treat it in the drying and casting process in order to get better results. Hopefully this knowledge grows even more in the next few weeks so I can complete 3 sets (9 pieces) at a professional and polished level. 

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