Saturday, March 16, 2013

Here are the new sketches from the model I made this past week. I will get Rhino models made of these and adapted versions of the other tools with these new attachments.

I am planning then, to have these 3d printed instead of molding them. This will allow me to create many versions of the tool in order to determine the best model and create a large volume in a short amount of time. I can then coat these models with the biodegradable material so they look accurate to what they would be if I had molded them using a real world production. This will save me time and heartache when it comes to learning the best way of working with the composite material in a mold application (learning a new material, really getting to know its strengths and weaknesses, has already taken up a lot of my time).

So here are the new sketches and there are more to come tomorrow when I am back in the studio with access to a scanner...

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