Friday, April 5, 2013

Falling behind on the blog posts

It's the hectic final stretch of the thesis process and I forgot to write about all of the things that have happened since the last post. After my stiff and skeletal model sketches failed to exude desire in my peers and professors, and frankly me, I went back to try and design a more interesting form based off of my prior model.

After continually adding clay to this Super Sculpey model, I was getting a better idea for what I wanted the tools to look like, what characteristics I wanted their forms to take on. From here, I began to sketch out further iterations of this form, looking to correct any off the bat aesthetic hiccups.

This sketch is what I based my final models off of. With a good deal of modeling help, I was finally able to hold the form in my hand that I had stored in my imagination for weeks, and furthermore I was able to hold a real solid representation of my thesis, the thing that I have been working so hard on the entire year, and now I can actually show people what it looks like, instead of trying to explain it using words. I have to say, it was an excitement that I cannot compare to very many things. To make matters even more satisfying, a friend of mine taught me how to use the new 3D Cube that the design lab across the street purchased this year. So I was able to control when I printed and set the tiny machine up myself, and since it is brand new, I got to use it for free-not a bad deal at all. So here is the first 3d print of my form, and a very happy Hannah if I do say so myself:

This is a short video of how the models were made and some photos of the other complete tool models before any painting:

In addition are some screen shots of the 3D model  in pen outlines

Aside from all this making chaos, I have realized that the final presentation for the show is almost a complete project on its own. I went to the Re-use Center and Salvation Army with a friend and picked up a bunch of camping gear for under $20 as I was planning on setting up a mock camp site to display my pieces in context. This is all the stuff I got, but since these purchases, my goals for presentation have slightly changed-but updates on that will come around some time next week.

Needless to say: I'm not into it, too cluttered and I don't think having the work displayed on the floor sends the right message-but not to worry I already have some ideas up my sleeve...

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