Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post 1, Week 3

Today is the first day of blog creation and posting-therefore, I think it is imperative that I begin by introducing my grand idea for my final IP project and the topics I plan on exploring. As realized through the last group meeting, my thesis statement is as follows:

I will be exploring a means of bringing awareness to the life cycle of objects through the design of a biodegradable, ergonomic pocket knife that is made from natural materials and gives back to the environment.

By this I mean that once you are done using this pocket knife (due to wear, completion of use, etc.) you can stick the knife into the ground, blade first, and through a seed compartment once degradation has begun, seeds within the body of the handle will be exposed-thus initiating the growth of a tree or other plant.

Pictures of my sketches are still to come but in the spirit of keeping blogging interesting, here are some photos of my studio thus far:

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