Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Possible Epiphany

I think that today was the day that I began to realize that a knife should be considered but not definite... While I keep waiting on materials, I am considering more and more the idea of a pocket tool like the Gerber "Shard:"
Even among tools like these I think the design element could be vastly improved and on the upside-there are more uses for something with 4 or 5 tools involved as opposed to just 1, a knife. So, maybe this road is more suitable for my end user; maybe more people would be apt to purchase these pocket tools and thus, giving back to the environment. I see things like the Gerber "Shard" as a sort of new world Swiss army knife. The product is no longer just about the knife but rather, a compilation of other tools all presented with equal equity. But none of them look desirable-these tools look very much like functional tools and not much more.What I am striving to create is a product that is beautiful and functional AND sustainable. Here are some more examples of the pocket tools on the market today:

Some of these tools share a nice solidity that attracts me to the object but they still lack a design that encourages a reaction of "of course it is designed that way, why would it be designed any other way?" That is what I am searching for.

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