Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I had a chance to get my plates from home this weekend and I am going to try pulping them in order to reform them:
I tore up 2 plates and put them in a jar (originally used to hold woodworking biscuits) and covered the pieces with water to let them begin to break down. At the end of 6 hours the pieces were a bit softer but no where near pulp so I'm hoping that when I go in to work tomorrow morning I will see a considerable change. If not, I will try blending the water and paper plate mixture in my Magic Bullet (this blender technique is what many people use when making paper so I am thinking that the same rules could apply to this application).

In addition to some test with paper plates, I have contacted some companies in China that are selling biodegradable raw material, looking at options like this: PLA resin pellets

Now, on the site they say you have to order in increments of tons or even 10 tons so I emailed a few sellers and explained how I am a student and wondered if we could figure something out where I could maybe get 5-10 pounds worth for a cheaper price as as sort of sample order. One response on price change came back as the following:
This is no doubt a lot more helpful than $1,500 for a ton of material but I need to make sure this material can perform the way I need it to if I am going to spend over $100.00 on a test material. The thing that always kills me is when the shipping costs significantly more than the product you are buying-and this is definitely an example of that. Maybe I will see if they can cut me any sort of deal on the shipping cost...I'll keep you updated

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