Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So unfortunately, my original trial of re-pulping BeGreen Packaging plates failed. They are too strong for the blender and even after 4 days soaking in water, they hardly broke down at all-thus, I am left with 248 biodegradable plates in my studio...snack party anyone?

On a better note, I received a great set of samples from ECOR, a company whose material is made from molded fiber composite panel-it is made from recycled and recyclable material. It is really strong with great structural elements but after my inquiry with an individual from the company, this recyclable material mas not actually been tested for biodegradability. And since that is pretty much my spiel, while I do really like this material, I don't think it is the right fit for my project-but if you ever need a great recycled and recyclable material I strongly encourage you to look into ECOR.

For now, I am emailing more people about possible leads on material and have decided that I should know what material I am getting by the end of the month-a tall order but I need to start getting the ball rolling. Thus far, I am hoping to get some samples from a company called "NatureWorks" that has been recommended to me by many of the individuals I have spoken with thus far.

Here is rendition 2 of my project proposal which outlines some of the important aspects in my project and why this exploration is important:

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