Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lots of Testing

So while the original route of using bioplastic casting pellets didnt work out, I have been doing a lot of tests making my own glue at home and testing the strengths of these glues with paper pulp as the binder and I plan on using wood chips to see how that turns out as well. Thus far I have made three different kind of glues, one that is made with milk curds and vinegar: better known as casein glue, and a glue made from gelatin and vinegar (among some other ingredients).

While the gelatin takes a few days to really dry, it becomes very stiff but not brittle like the casein glue. Today I am going to make a potato bioplastic and a simple flour, sugar, and water glue to see how they fair in the strength department.

All of these recipes and tutorials can be found on ehow or youtube.

Photos coming soon...

*Almost forgot, I received 25 Red Maple Tree seeds (the most common tree in the United States occupying one of the largest eastern north-south ranges in North America: from Canada to the tip of Florida) as well as biodegradable non-toxic orange paint from Mythic Paint. Now originally I wanted to paint the knife bright orange like a hunter's tool (not realizing that this is a disconnect in dialog with the user) but I am leaning more towards purchasing a handful of other colors and making a stylistic option where consumers can choose different colors.

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