Thursday, December 13, 2012

Re-thinking Everything

I had my big thesis review yesterday and I am realizing more and more how difficult it is to be creating something that hasn't really been made before. There are no answers for people to give you, everything must be answered and defined by you. I have come away from my meeting with support of my theoretical concept (which is great) but a lot of uncertainty regarding the actual product so far which, of course makes me uneasy.

I am conflicted because there are many merit-able qualities of the knife and fork concept I have now but not being able to answer certain important functional questions about strength etc. (not knowing what my final material will be) is scaring my away from the pocket tool and chasing me into the arms of another object.

I have been thinking about the different things that people use when camping that could be replenished each trip, discarded when the journey is over and I have come up with a list:
-Tent stakes
-Walking stick
-Roasting skewer for making and turning food over the fire
-Some sort of eating utensil combination (maybe I can salvage my work thus far by changing where the knife blade is into a spoon...)
-Matches or other fire starters
-Clothes pins
-Tooth brush...? not quite sure about this one but its worth a thought

My main goal of bringing awareness to this whole consumption era and how we treat our objects after their use is completed is still the driving factor behind my project but the vehicle in which I push this concept may have to change.

To be honest, I am confused and a bit overwhelmed at the moment, hopefully within the next couple weeks I will experience some clarity when I begin to write my thesis. Everything seems a lot more blurry now than about two days ago.

Ill keep you posted.

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