Sunday, December 23, 2012

Redirection: Ideation Update

I was thinking about more things that campers use that could be re-designed using my "active giving back to nature" mentality and came up with a list and some small thumbnail sketches.

From these ideas I went on to make some models, seeing how these forms would work in reality. First I created a pronged head that you could attached to any stick you find on your trip (the model does not have the screw on attachment included yet).

In theory, these roasting attachments will house seeds so that like the knife, when you are finished using them you can detach them from whatever stick you were using and stick them into the ground. 

What I am dealing with now is finding out whether or not the heat from the fire would kill the seeds. I am hoping that if I use a really hard wood and advise consumers to soak the attachments in water before use (to minimize the chance of the roasters burning) that might in turn work to protect the seeds. I think Im just going to have to test this.

The second model is of a matchstick.

While I haven't yet incorporated the capsule where the seeds will go, I am hoping that you will pop off the bottom of the matchstick after use (a behavior similar to that associated with Japanese toothpick design) and in there will be seeds and a fertilizer of some sort.

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