Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Project Direction

Alright, so I have chosen to move forward with the prong roasting stick attachment idea for the remainder of the semester. I plan to create a line of around 5 products that are about 8 inches or less on length that can be fastened to any stick and used during your camping experience.

Tool Options:
-Roasting Stick
-Walking Stick

Like the knife concept, once use is complete you will stick the tool into the ground and this will expose a puck containing paper pulp and seeds (most likely containing flower seeds and/or soil enrichment of some kind). Therefore, I am keeping my main concept in tact but creating something that provides a stronger pull for cunsumers.

Why buy temp tools? 
1. Instead of having to clean your cooking tools you can dispose of them and use a new tool
2. Instead of having to carry a number of very long and awkward tools like a shovel or roasting sticks, you can carry a small bag or pouch to carry a handful of tool attachments that you will not even need to pack on your way home (since you dispose of them at the camp site)
3. You can acquire a relationship with the camp site, free to return and visit the flowers etc. you helped to plant
4. It makes giving back to the environment almost fool proof

Currently I am working on creating a Kickstarter to cover a ot of my possible manufacturing fees, cost of wood (the tools will be made entirely out of wood), mold making tool cost (for the paper pulp seed pucks), and other creation costs. It is a pain to connect a bank account to Amazon which I am learning the hard way but I will hopefully figure that out and put together a quick video and get that up and running asap.

In addition, once I pick my top 4 or 5 tools, I will begin making more models and testing their functionality etc. I also want to figure out some sort of adhesion method (other than a tapped PVC type connector-since wood doesnt do so well when tapped). Im thinking some sort of cone shape on the interior so many different size sticks could fit the tools. Thanks to Marianetta, I am also considering a connector method like that used in Christmas tree stands where you just screw in until the stick is sturdy-Ill keep the blog updated on that progress.

Sorry it has been so long since a post, but I think there will be a flood of work and postings coming soon.

Here are some photos of the Temp Tool model in action:

More to come...

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